Our Staff

Eva Ronzani – President/C.E.O
As majority shareholder, our president is responsible for managing all of RONPARCO’s administration and finances.

Flavio Ronzani – Executive Vice President/ C.O.O
Oversees all of RONPARCO’s business operations, and ensures that effective operational/financial procedures are in place.  

Project Estimator/Executive:  Responsible for estimating, initiating, and overseeing the execution of all elements of RONPARCO’s projects.

  • Daniel Cook
  • Zach Wigley


Project Manager:  Manages RONPARCO’s projects and ensures that they are completed within budget/schedule.

  • Miguel Gonzalez
  • Scott Lewis


Colby Hicks – Purchasing/Logistics Manager
Responsible for procuring, distributing, and storing all of RONPARCO’s materials, equipment, and assets.

Debbie Frazer – Executive Assistant/Office Manager
Supervises day-to-day operations of the administrative department, carries out contract processing, and payroll.

Neira Gonzalez – Administrative Assistant
Provides general administrative and clerical support such as, employee orientation/training, job document organization, phone directory, etc.

Fernando Faustino – Warehouse Manager
Maintains RONPARCO’s receiving, warehousing, and distribution operations by coordinating with upper management and third party organizations.